Home STD Test Kits: Not As Accurate As Labs

Many people are afraid that they have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and they are uncomfortable about going to the doctor.

If you are part of this group of people, you have probably experienced the same fear.

You’ve probably already searched the web for sites that offer at-home STD test kits (learn more at http://STDTestOptions.info). These are tests you can order online and use in the comfort of your home – far from the prying eyes of doctors, nurses or others.

However, most STD test kits are not as reliable and accurate as lab tests.

Additionally, almost none of these are approved by the FDA.

According to a number of studies performed in this area and posted online, at-home STD tests are unlikely to be as accurate as those performed in a doctor office.

On Wisegeek.com you can find many articles that explain why.

The accuracy of home STD tests can be affected by the storage, manipulation and handling of the kits. Additionally, there might be some issues when you collect the sample.

Back in 2012, the FDA rejected a home-HIV test that was manufactured by OraSure Technologies and was using oral swab.

Their test, OraQuik, which costs $40, has an accuracy of more than 93% and has been tried by thousands of people from all over the world.

This test can be read in less than 20 minutes and is backed up by many articles and scientific papers released in the press.

Charlotte Gaydos

In order to determine the reliability of this test, Charlotte Gaydos, a world-renowned health expert from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine from Baltimore, decided to send six of her personal tests to 6 different online lab test companies, including OraSure. Two of them never responded back, and only the rest of four returned the test.

Half of the test samples processed came back with false negatives, despite the fact that Gaydos loaded each sample purposefully with chlamydia bacteria.

In an interview for NBC.com, Gaydos chose not to mention the names of these companies, but stated that the FDA should inspect these online companies that claim to be specialized in diagnosing critical medical conditions, including STDs.

In a complex move to enforce new regulations, the FDA decided to send a warning letter and email to a company called

Identigene, an online-based company that was allegedly offering home urine testing for both gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

The FDA prohibited Identigene to sell their test in stores and online, and fortunately they complied.

However, they have said that they are going with some clinical trials with their testing, and will be back online shortly.

At the moment, the safest and most reliable method to have STD testing is at a FDA-approved facility.

Here is a resource that helps you find a FDA-approved facility close to your location.

Another useful FDA-approved site you can use is this is called Act Against Aids.

Act Against Aids

If you cannot find anything close to your location, you can benefit from “Get The Kit”,  a pilot program created by Gaydos.

Order the kit  by phone or get the kit via the Internet.

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